Optimising Page Content for Yahoo

Optimising Page Content for Search Engines

The content of a website is extremely important in influencing the position. They normally try to find the following variables when analysing a website for the most important key words. This is very important for search engine optimisation.


Google gives value to the words used on the headings on a website. This really is used by the programming language used to create web pages (HTML) to make heading in the text get noticed.

Keyword visibility

Search results give more weight to keywords located in relation to the rest at the beginning of a section of text. If there is a paragraph of text then it is better to break this up into sections that are smaller and possess an HTML heading for each section. Every time the search engine sees a heading, it is going to start the prominence standards again.

Keyword closeness

Search engines also attach some importance to keywords are to each other.

Keyword density

Just how many times a keyword or phrase happens on the page in comparison with the entire amount of words is defined as the keyword density. Google considers this when rating a page for a special key word.

It pays to reduce on the amount of redundant words to boost the density of the preferred keywords for as this helps with search engine optimisation that we are optimising when writing copy to get a webpage.


Search engines like google are only able to read text and cannot analyse pictures on a web page. To enable search engines to “read” what an image is about it takes to have a description attached. This is called “Picture alt tag” in web programming jargon and refers to the alternative text for the picture.


There are portions of text that may be clicked so that you can bound to other web pages. This text is generally seo Bedford highlighted and is known as “anchor tags” or “link text”. Google analyses the text used here and utilize the info to rank the site.

Outline: Page content

Headings, keyword prominence, proximity, density, hyperlink text and the importance of using “alt tags” for pictures to enter a text description: All of all these are important for search engine optimisation and possess a part to play in getting to the very top of the search results for the key words that are important to us.